Inspect. Value. Insure. Protect.

Without an independent insurance valuation conducted within the last three years, you have no evidence your current sums insured are correct. Yes, an insurance valuation may seem like another cost but wouldn't you rather pay for an insurance valuation now than potentially fork out millions later to fill the gap? 

We value Buildings, Site Improvements, Plant, Equipment, Mobile Plant, Contents, Fine Arts and Antiques. Our insurance valuations cover you for three years, not just one, so an insurance valuation isn't something you'll have to pay or think about every year. We also specialise in accounting valuations.

With valuers based in each state throughout Australia and New Zealand and operating overseas, the Andrew Nock Valuers team of specialised valuers concentrate in insurance and accounting valuations for all industries - corporate, government, commercial, residential and private.

Our valuation experience tells you we can help you protect your assets and business for what they are really worth. Read more.







You're covered for three years, not just one

It's safe to say, we would all be insured correctly if there was no cost involved. We understand cost is a big factor when considering a valuation so we make it more cost efficient as well as simpler for you.  Our insurance valuations cover you for three years, not just one. So you don't need to pay or think about insurance valuations again until 2022.

Here's an example: We make our inspections and issue our valuation report in 2019. Then, in 2020 and 2021 we will issue our 1st and 2nd insurance desktop reviews (IDR) with updated sums insured.  This brings you to 2022 when re-valuations should be considered.

Our insurance valuation program is included in a one time fee with no further inspections needed to be made.  This only applies to insurance valuations and does not include Fine Arts and Antiques.

Considering the cost of an Andrew Nock Valuers insurance valuation is protection for three years and not just a one off insurance valuation, it's relatively affordable peace of mind.

75% of people do not increase their business insurance sums insureds in any one year and less than 50% change it over three years.
— The LMI Group

Have you got proof your assets are insured correctly?

We have uncovered up to 570% of underinsurance and have saved many clients from potential financial disasters.

Underinsurance is risky business and is caused by people:

  • not wanting to pay for an independent valuation

  • are over confident nothing bad will happen to them

  • relying on last year's figure

  • not taking in to account recent renovations or extensive refurbishments

  • forgetting costs such as installation, labour, demolition, legal fees and GST 

  • using their market value for their insurance

  • relying on bank valuations

  • relying on unqualified opinions such as builders and accountants or

  • thinking they know the true value of their assets.

If you can or your client relate to any of these, it is very likely your assets are not insured correctly. Simply having insurance cover doesn't mean you're covered correctly - partially right, partially covered. 

What is the point of paying an insurance premium if it won't compensate you the way you would expect it too? 

Use our LMI Group building cost calculator to give you a better indication of your own potential underinsurance.