Andrew Nock Valuers is an independent valuation company founded by Andrew Nock in 2001.


Located throughout Australia and New Zealand we are a team of specialist valuers delivering accurate and trusted insurance and accounting valuations through our valuers specialised experience. Take a look at our brochure

What we offer

You're covered for three years, not just one.

It's safe to say, we would all be insured correctly if there was no cost involved. We understand cost is a big factor when considering a valuation so we make it more cost efficient as well as simpler for you.  Our insurance valuations cover you for three years, not just one. So you don't need to pay or think about insurance valuations again until 2022.

Here's an example: We make our inspections and issue our valuation report in 2019. Then, in 2020 and 2021 we will issue our 1st and 2nd insurance desktop reviews (IDR) with updated sums insured.  This brings you to 2022 when re-valuations should be considered.

Our insurance valuation program is included in your one time fee with no further inspections needed to be made.  This only applies to insurance valuations and does not include Fine Arts and Antiques.

Considering the cost of an Andrew Nock Valuers insurance valuation is for three years protection and not just a one off insurance valuation it's relatively affordable peace of mind.

We also specialise in accounting valuations which are commonly requested by clients at the same time of their insurance valuations as well as on their own.

Our belief

Only independent, qualified valuers can help you. correctly.

Relying on unqualified opinions can be dangerous as many factors and costs are unaccounted for and it's at times of disaster, like fire, flood, storm damage or theft that you're likely to find out you have short-changed yourself. This is why only qualified, independent valuers who specialise in insurance valuations can guarantee correct insurance protection.

Valuers of buildings, property and site improvements should be qualified and registered with the API (Australian Property Institute). The valuation of plant and equipment is a highly specialised field. It should only be undertaken by trained, qualified and accredited specialists who are either registered with associations such as the API or the AVAA (Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia Inc.).

Who we are

OUr Team

We take great pride and confidence in our valuations and this is due to each of our valuers vast experience and knowledge of their specialised field. This is why we can guarantee accurate professional and trusted valuations.

Andrew Nock

Andrew has over 40 years’ experience working in the valuation industry. For over 10 years Andrew was a plant and equipment auctioneer and valuer with F.R Strange Pty Ltd. For the following 15 years, Andrew was Director of the Edward Rushton Group where he gained invaluable experience on valuation projects throughout Australia and overseas before establishing Andrew Nock Valuers in 2001.