A fire has damaged all of your contents. Have you got proof of asset identification and location for your insurance claim?

A lot of people don't consider contents valuations to be as important as building valuation and think of it as an added unnecessary cost. This is risky business as it's in these situations when people put their figures on their assets or rely on unqualified opinions for values.

Too often, low cost items are forgotten about but in many cases, businesses have a large volume of these items and forget that the costs are much larger than they think.

A contents insurance valuation in most cases provides you with an asset register which is a detailed document providing asset descriptions, make model and location so in case of a fire or disaster you have the proof to support your insurance claim.

We also specialise in contents accounting valuations which are commonly requested at the same time as the insurance valuations

Remember, accounting gross profit is not the same as insurable gross profit just as the replacement value of your assets is completely different from the written down book value. To ensure you get it right, use the experts. It may just be the best investment you ever make.
— The LMI Group